Londolozi Varty Camp

85 years of Safari Heritage, Luxury at it's best, uncomparable game viewing..
Sabi Sands,
Greater Kruger

The campfire has burned here for over 85 years making Varty Camp the symbolic heart and soul of Londolozi.
The décor echoes the same tones of the owner’s private homes and their continuing love affair with the earth. Varty Camp is the home of an African safari holiday.

All rooms have private swimming pools framed by timber decks that overlook the riverine bush. The living spaces are raised off the ground and shaded under a cathedral of trees.The camp has a pleasingly down-to-earth quality and the emphasis on family heritage means that children over 6 always have a place at Varty Camp. 

Varty Camp is also home to the original Sparta Hunting Camp, our boutique, the Cardio Vascular Room, Massage Treatment Room and our Library. Guests from all Camps are invited to make use of these facilities.

At Londolozi, superb cuisine is considered an essential part of the experience and a vital component of our philosophy. Much of the day revolves around specifically crafted culinary delights – morning morsels on the game drive, a fortifying breakfast, lunch and indulgent high tea before the next game drive & its sundowner treats and lastly, the grand finale, a traditional fireside banquet or a private dinner.

The choice of ingredients reflects our efforts to establish the right relations with the planet.

Every ingredient is chosen with care, favouring home grown organic produce, free range game and herbs from our kitchen garden to create dishes that are irresistibly delicious and healthy.

Our selection of seafood is guided by the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative and the number of imported ingredients is kept to a minimum.
Our recipes are a source of great pride as many have been handed down through the Varty family or were created in the Londolozi kitchen.

Our wellness centre – Londolozi Life – is designed to reflect and harmonise with the rhythms and cycles of nature. Londolozi life offers the means of creating balance – in body, mind and soul – through the understanding that living in nature promotes healing and harmony.

Londolozi Life is integral to our philosophy of facilitating a deep engagement with nature and creating personal journeys of exploration.
The Londolozi Life concept is unique, drawing inspiration from ancient healing methods and marrying the philosophies of East and West within an African context.

Moreover, Londolozi and the Life Centre fall squarely within the base area of the Nilotic Meridian (a line running north-south from pole to pole at 31 degrees East longitude) – known as the line of first time – which ensures that it is a place of great energy and significance.

Yoga Classes
Yoga means ‘union’ in Sanskrit referring to the bringing together of mind, body and spirit. Postures practiced at Londolozi include Lyengar, Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Tripsichore.
The classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate level and conducted on mobile yoga decks or in private. Join us to greet the sun or strengthen the vital life of the body alongside the cool rush of the Sand River.

Massage Therapy
Massage has been practiced as a healing therapy for centuries, providing release from stress, promoting increased blood flow and healing. Therapies on offer at Londolozi Life include Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki. All therapies are also offered in the privacy of your room or deck.

Fitness Center
Running, cycling and rowing machines allow for a perfect workout, complemented by a relaxed daily routine of eating well, and existing in harmony with nature.

No two days are the same at Londolozi and every experience is tailor-made to suit individual preferences and expectations. However, there is a certain rhythm and pace to the experience that stirs a sense of homecoming on repeat visits and a pleasant sense of order for first time bushveld visitors.

Life at Londolozi is set by the seasons; the vegetation and the animal behaviour changing with the rains of summer and the chill of winter. What is unchanging is the warmth of your welcome by your camp manager and the opportunity to experience a deep and authentic connection with nature, something as rare as the land itself.

So, if you’re looking for a true journey, as the Swahili word Safari suggests, something extraordinary and of your own making, then our winter and summer calendars are tailor-made just for you.

The first step is to get into swing with the rhythm of nature. Rising with the dawn is a richly rewarding experience.
Witnessing the start of the day in the African bush is like being invited to partake in a daily miracle.
A dawn chorus of birdsong and the haunting calls of fish eagles, the air rich with the night flowers’ perfume and delightfully cool.
By 07h30 that is all gone, the magic hours have flown and soon the animals will sink into the torpor brought on by the midday heat. So join that ever eventful early morning game drive at 05h30 fortified by our excellent private blend coffee.
On returning from the drive and restoring yourself with breakfast you can either retire to the cool sanctuary of your chalet or indulge a myriad of bushveld fancies.
Visit Londolozi Activities for a complete selection.
In spring and summer the early evening air along the Sand River is often permeated with the scent of baked potato. Rather than emanating from the camp kitchen this comes from the tiny pinkish flowers clustered along the branches of a scrambling scrub called the Potato Bush.

Breathe deep as this is the most distinctive of bushveld smells and will forever be associated with the delicious anticipation of your evening game drive.


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