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Warm hospitality, breathtaking views, intimate wildlife experience..
Balule Reserve, Greater Kruger

Personally operated by the owners, Naledi Bush Camp and Enkoveni Camp offer guests an intimate experience with South Africa's famous wildlife. Set in the Balule Reserve of the Greater Kruger, Naledi Bush Camp combines un-presumptious beauty and luxury with the traditional experience of a South African safari.

Naledi Bushcamp is where the Naledi story all began, and it remains one of the greater Kruger Park's most sought after lodges; Set high up on the Thakazile Plateau, Bushcamp looks beyond the waterhole and the bushveld plains to the Drakensberg mountains in the distance.

From the Viewing Deck there is a never ending view over the bush and many sightings of big game and a vast number of smaller creatures are to be had whilst sitting comfortably high up, almost in the sky ! The lodge is intimate, sleeping only 8 guests – each suite is individually styled and decorated, and a glance at our reviews on tripadvisor will demonstrate that at Bushcamp you are treated to the finest cuisine and highest levels of service not only in Africa, but in the world today !

At Naledi, game drives are conducted twice every day (at no extra charge) in their open gameviewer in search of wildlife big and small.

When it comes to meals, Naledi has a special outlook. They buy nothing from wholesalers, and don't have a set menu.
Instead, all purchases are ingredients fresh from the markets. Every meal is lovingly prepared, beautifully garnished and expertly served-there are never less than three courses for dinner, and the same for breakfast.
On the game drives, no pre-packs, but instead an assortment of home prepared delights, neatly packed as a picnic rather than a snack.
Lunch too is a magnificent affair, and you're welcome to eat around the pool or on the viewing deck. The Naledi Pub is legendary for its wide selection, and it's bush atmosphere-plenty of ice, a wide array of wines and beers and plenty of time to enjoy!

Enkoveni Camp adds an entirely different dimension to the Naledi safari experience!
This magnificently appointed lodge is set on the banks of what is arguably the mightiest of all Kruger Park Rivers, the magnificent perennial Olifants.

With Bushcamp providing the very best of woodland and savannah and Enkoveni unparalleled access to a riverine environment, Naledi provides the best of ALL worlds in the bush!

Internationally, Naledi is renowned for the intimate atmosphere that guests enjoy and comment on so frequently, and Enkoveni is designed to be exactly that – very limited numbers of guests in beautifully appointed and furnished suites inspired by the creatures of the river....Fish Eagle, Fishing Owl, Bushbuck , Impala Lily, Porcupine and Tusker – and of course, the focus of the lodge is the river – often bringing superb game viewing to guests just beyond their suites, or in the river itself, and as anyone who has stayed at Enkoveni will tell you, the river NEVER sleeps, as the calls of the baboons and Hippos herald nightfall, the leopard's calls signal moonrise and the last jackal howls warn of the arrival of the morning sun – you truly experience wild Africa at it's best at Enkoveni !!!

Included during your stay:

Breakfast daily
Lunch daily
Dinner daily
Snacks on game drives
Dawn safari daily
Dusk safari daily


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